Oregon Wildlife Control is a local family owned animal control business serving the state of Oregon. We provide solutions for our communities wildlife control problems, while using humane and effective methods. Our customers safety and satisfaction is always our number one priority. We always work with our customers to make sure we are providing the best service and solution to the problems they are having.

Why Choose Us?

Oregon Wildlife Control is a local family owned business that has over 30 years of experience in solving wildlife problem. We are insured and licensed through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to handle wildlife control problems. We have built our business around excellent customer service and providing a solution for pest animals problems. Our main services include wildlife removal, bat control, bird control, and mole control.

When it comes to dealing with animals problems we are very passionate about always using the best methods to create the least amount of stress on the animals and our customers. We are able to handle large commercial jobs and small residential jobs both with excellent quality. When it comes to solving Oregon wildlife problems we are the best around and look forward to continuing to help our community solve problems.

Oregon Wildlife Control

Two Coyotes Removed From a Portland Neighborhood.

Oregon Wildlife RemovalĀ 

When you have an animal causing problems on your property we are able to provide Oregon wildlife removal services. The main method for solving any wildlife control problem in Oregon is to live trap and remove the animals from your property. Depending on what type of pest animal you are dealing with we have different ways of catching them to stop the damage or remove a potential problem. We follow all ODFW regulations when solving wildlife removal problems and use the best methods to prevent the spread of disease.

We are not only experts in handling the common critter problems, but also have become the go to guys for larger animal damage problems including beaver and nutria. These require years of experience to make sure the problem gets solved correctly. When you have any wildlife problem in Oregon our professionals are ready to help. Dealing with Oregon wild animal removal is something that we have mastered. We have worked with many large companies and government agencies from Portland and Hillsboro.

Oregon Dead Animal Pick Up

When you have a dead animal under your house in the crawl space or an animal carcass in your yard, we can pick it up. We do not handle dead animals on the road or in public areas, but when it is on your property we are able to provide dead animal removal services along with sanitation and deodorization. When a wild animal dies it starts to biodegrade and become a breeding ground for bacteria or possibly diseases. During warm weather flies will almost always find the dead animal carcass and lay eggs. No you have to deal with an infestation of flies along with the bad odor. Normally people first notice that they have a dead animal by a strong smell that can be hard to take. This becomes even worse when the dead animal odor in the crawlspace comes through to the house. The longer you leave the animal the stronger the odor will get.

Dead animal in the crawlspace is very common, but some people forget to figure out how they got in. This is an important step to prevent another critter from getting in and possibly dying as well. We are able to locate and seal up the entrance point the animals used to get under your house. In many cases people will find an open vent or some kind of point that animals could get in and seal it up. This can trap the wildlife under your house and cause them to die. If you notice that you have an open vent we recommend confirming that a critter is not using it before sealing the hole.

Oregon Bat Removal

When it comes to solving a bat problem you should always have an exclusion performed, except in emergency situations. Bats are a very important part of Oregon’s ecosystem and are a huge benefit to humans. They are nature’s pest control services, one bat can eat up to 600 insects in a single night. This is why many of our customers choose to install a bat house near their house. Its a great nature way to lower the insect population on your property. Setting up a bat exclusion is an extensive process that can only be done during a certain time of the year. This is a very important part of the process because when done at the wrong time it can end up with many dead bat’s in your attic or walls. In some cases trapped bats will make their way inside the house trying to find a way out. We recommend have a professional bat control company like yourself handle your problem. We provide a full service bat exclusion and sealing to get all the bat’s out without being able to return.

Attic Clean Out and Restoration