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Having bat’s in your attic can be a very scary thing for most people. We have solved many Oregon bat removal problems and the important thing to remember is that bat’s are usually not going to bother you. But the biggest risk they usually present to people is the damage they do to an attic with the guano build up. The bat guano can carry very dangerous disease as well as destroy the insulation in your attic which effects your homes heating and cooling efficiency.

Before you can address the damage you must make sure you get the bat’s out of the attic, which requires you to seal all possible access points. Then you leave the main entry points open and install a device that allows the bat’s to exit your attic, but not return. We do live bat removal services because the bat’s are very important to Oregon’s environment. Each night a single bat can eat almost 1000 insects, including mosquitoes.

Oregon Bat’s in the Attic Removal

Oregon Bat Removal

Oregon Bat Control

The most common area for a bat to enter the house is on the roof which puts them into your attic. The reason bat’s will roost in your attic is because they are looking for a warm and safe place to live. When your house is not properly sealed it is an open invitation for any bat’s in your area. The first sign that most people notice when they have bat’s living in there attic is scratching noises from the bat’s moving around in the ceiling or wall. Also the high pitch screeching that they make can often be heard before they are about to head out for the night to hunt down insect.

The main key to bat removal is locating the area that bat’s are getting into your house form. This can often be spotted by large amounts of bat guano built up in a location or from grease marks left from the bat’s rubbing against the siding or roof. But these are only the areas that bats are currently using to get inside your attic or house. When doing Oregon bat removal we need to locate all possible areas to prevent the bats from returning.

Oregon Bat Boxes

In many cases people want to have bat’s around their property to control the insect population and installing a bat box can be a good option. But it is important to note that they do not work all the time because the bat’s must find them in order to start using them. If you are interested in building a bat box at your property check out this link Build a Bat House.

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Our main service area is Portland Bat Removal and we have become the best in the business. When you are dealing with bats in your house or bats in your attic we are the Portland bat removal company to call. We always provide live bat removal in Portland to make sure there is a healthy bat population. We are a poison free business and believe that you should never deal with a company that says they are going to kill bats in your house.