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Oregon is known as the beaver state because of our history and our strong beaver population. Due to the large number of beaver there is a large amount of damage done all over the state. The main problems that occur is beaver damming up water and flooding property. This does not only cause water damage, but can also cause people to lose property to over saturation. Another problem that beaver can do is cut down peoples trees and plants. Beaver have teeth that never stop growing to they must constantly chew on trees or what every they can find. Oregon beaver removal is our specialty and we have helped many commercial properties and municipality’s that have had beaver damage.

Oregon Beaver Damage

beaver damage

Oregon Beaver Damage

When you have beaver damage on your property it can create quite a few danger risks. Such as trees falling on property or people if trees are left hanging as shown in the picture to the left. You can almost find beaver anywhere there is a river or creek which means they cause damage in major cities. Beaver’s will also dig into the banks to make dens which can cause property lose over time.

Flooding is another major problem that beaver cause throughout Oregon when they back up water. Beaver’s are known for there ability to build dams, but many people do not realize the amount of damage that can do to peoples property. When the water rises the beaver will keep building the dams up as high as they can. They do this because they are more protected from predators in deep water. ¬†When you remove a dam most likely the beaver will just rebuild it stronger the next time.

Road damage is another very serious issue caused by beaver when they clog up a culvert to back up the water. These culvert make it very easy for a beaver to dam up the water which can cause major damage to roads. In extreme cases the roads can be totally washed out or destroyed by over saturation and the pressure from the water build up.

Oregon Beaver Dam Removal

Once the beaver have been removed from a location the next step is to remove the dam if it poses a risk of damaging property. This also makes the area less likely to attract beaver if the water lower. Depending on the size of the dam this can be a large job, but should be done to prevent damage. We are able to remove dams to prevent possible damage from happening to your property.

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