Bird in Vent Removal Hillsboro, Or

When you are dealing with a bird in a dryer vent in Hillsboro it can be a risk to the people living inside. In many cases the ducting gets blocked by bird nesting material which can build us dryer lint. If this is the case you should have it removed as soon as possible by a professional.

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We provide full service bird in vent removal which includes safely getting all birds out of the vent, clearing out all nesting material, sanitizing the entire ducting to kill all dangerous disease that bird poop can carry, and finally sealing up all vents to prevent this from happening again. Our business is based out of Hillsboro which allows us to provide a quick response time for bird control work.

Bird in Vent Removal Hillsboro, OR

When we do a bird in vent removal in Hillsboro the first step is to do an inspection of the entire house. It is very common for us to fine more than one location on the house that has birds inside. The main areas that birds nest in are the dryer vent or the attic. Both can present risks to the homeowners, but if you have birds in a vent it should be taken care of very quickly. This should be done by a professional to ensure the birds are removed correctly and that the area is properly cleaned. Also it is important to make sure that a bird proof vent is installed to make sure no birds are able to return to the vent.

Why choose us? We are licensed through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to perform these services throughout the state. We also carry insurance to make sure our customers are protected in case anything happens. Bird in vent removal Hillsboro is a service that we specialize in and can help quickly solve your problem.


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