Skunk Trapping Beaverton

Dealing with a skunk on your property can be a big mess especially if they spray. Normally this happens when a family pet encounters a skunk, but sometimes it is other wildlife that triggers a skunk to spray. We are able to provide professional Beaverton skunk trapping services in which we use live traps to capture and remove them. In many cases this can be done quickly depending on the time of year and amount of skunks present. You can find more information about our services here: Skunk trapping Beaverton.

Skunk Trapping in Beaverton

Beaverton has many forest and wetland areas that create a great location for skunks to live, but they are sometimes close to where people live. This can create risks for people and pets if the skunks decide to move into your property. Many times this will happen when you have a deck or open vent underneath your house. We are able to not only remove the skunks, but we can seal up areas to prevent the problem from happening again. This is the most important step and in many cases you can choose to so this yourself if you would like. Prevention is the best way to solve these problems because if you have a wildlife animal get into an area, more than likely you will have another one find it if not sealed properly.

When we are skunk trapping in Beaverton we use special made live traps that help to keep the skunk from spraying and protect them from the environment or other animals while trapped. Many people will try and use a normal cage trap, but these often cause the skunks to spray which we always try to avoid. Another important thing to know about skunks is that they are vector species and can carry diseases like rabies. You should never handle a skunk without proper equipment and training. You should also not let any pets go near a skunk even if trapped because it can cause them to spray. We are able to provide skunk trapping Beaverton to handle the problem for you.

Contact us today if you have any questions or if you would like us to help removing your skunk problem.

Bird in Vent Removal Hillsboro, Or

When you are dealing with a bird in a dryer vent in Hillsboro it can be a risk to the people living inside. In many cases the ducting gets blocked by bird nesting material which can build us dryer lint. If this is the case you should have it removed as soon as possible by a professional.

Hillsboro Bird Control  503-201-2432

We provide full service bird in vent removal which includes safely getting all birds out of the vent, clearing out all nesting material, sanitizing the entire ducting to kill all dangerous disease that bird poop can carry, and finally sealing up all vents to prevent this from happening again. Our business is based out of Hillsboro which allows us to provide a quick response time for bird control work.

Bird in Vent Removal Hillsboro, OR

When we do a bird in vent removal in Hillsboro the first step is to do an inspection of the entire house. It is very common for us to fine more than one location on the house that has birds inside. The main areas that birds nest in are the dryer vent or the attic. Both can present risks to the homeowners, but if you have birds in a vent it should be taken care of very quickly. This should be done by a professional to ensure the birds are removed correctly and that the area is properly cleaned. Also it is important to make sure that a bird proof vent is installed to make sure no birds are able to return to the vent.

Why choose us? We are licensed through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to perform these services throughout the state. We also carry insurance to make sure our customers are protected in case anything happens. Bird in vent removal Hillsboro is a service that we specialize in and can help quickly solve your problem.


Lake Oswego Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel trapping is an effective method for dealing with these fury critters when they are getting in your attic. Although we have different methods for controlling squirrels, live trapping can solve almost any problem. It is important to use the proper types of traps and bait to make sure you target the right animals. Lake Oswego squirrel trapping is best done with a small cage trap, either a single door or double door.

Squirrel Trapping in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Squirrels on Roof

Two Squirrels Trapped on a Roof

In many cases we are trapping squirrel’s in the attic or on the roof. These are the main entry points that squirrel’s use to get inside an attic. If you do not have an open gap on your roof, they can sometimes chew their way in to the attic. If you notice squirrel’s on your roof there is a good chance they are already inside the house. When we set traps on a roof we make sure to secure them because squirrel’s can be move the cages once captured. This also protects the shingles from getting torn apart or scratched. After trapping and removing the squirrel’s we are able to seal up the entry points.

This is an important step that some people forget and you can count on more squirrel’s or other critter’s moving in. We cover hole’s with strong hard wire cloth that can keep out all wildlife. It is important to keep squirrels out of the attic because they need to chew on things to wear down their teeth. Although rare they can chew on wiring which is a very big fire hazard. Many houses have been burnt down from squirrels or other rodents chewing on wiring.  We can do an inspection of the attic for chewing and also for any other damage that might have been done.

 Lake Oswego Squirrel Removal

Example of a Lake Oswego squirrel removal job we solved:

A lady called and told us that she had been hearing scratching noises from here attic as well as seeing squirrel’s on the roof. When we showed up to the house it was a very big house, but had a roof that was fairly level. This makes it easier for us to access the roof and gives us options for trapping or other methods. After talking to her more we learned that the main noise was right above the master bedroom. The noises had been keeping her up all night and she had not slept in a few nights. We knew we had to remove the squirrels quickly to help this very nice lady. We went onto the roof and located two main entry points that went directly into the attic. After placing two traps and securing them to a board on the roof, we baited them with some irresistible squirrel bait. We completed the setup around 9:30 am and asked her to check the trap throughout the day and in the morning. About 3 hours lately as we were setting up another job trapping squirrels in Lake Oswego we got a call. It was from the lady that we had just the traps at that morning. She was very excited and said that we had caught the squirrel! But we knew that because of the time of year there was most likely two squirrels living in her attic. We told her to keep an eye out for the other one because it would be around soon. We finished setting up our other LO squirrel job and heading back to the nice ladies house around 1:30 pm. By the time we got there both squirrels were waiting for us in the trap. We removed the caged animal’s and setup a temporary seal on the entry points to make sure no other critters were trapped inside. Later that week we can back out and completed the job by sealing up the entire house.  Needless to say the lady was very happy and we were excited to help another customer get back to their normal life.

Hillsboro Skunk Trapping

We have been providing Oregon Skunk Removal services for many years and can help solve your skunk control problem. It is important to remember that skunks present a risk for humans, pets, and other animals when living in the same location. They are well known for spraying when they are threaten or startled. But they are also a vector animal that can carry rabies along with other disease that can be transferred to other animals.

Skunk Removal in Hillsboro, Oregon

If you need Hillsboro skunk removal services contact us today. The sooner you remove the nuisance skunk’s the less likely you are of having other problems arise. We have different options for dealing with skunks on your property, but the most effective way is to usually live trap and remove. This can be very difficult if you try and do it yourself. We get many calls from people who trap a skunk, but then have no idea what to do. This is not a responsible way to solve a problem and can result in the animal being in the trap longer than necessary.

For help with a Skunk removal problem in Hillsboro, Or contact us at 503-201-2432.

To find more information on Skunk Removal and other services, visit Oregon Skunk Removal


Mole Damage in Yard

How to Stop Mole Damage in Yard

When the weather heats up and the sun comes out so does the mole damage in yards. This damage can increase greatly if you so not have the problem solved quickly. We have been stopping mole damage in Oregon for many years. The most effective way to quickly stop the mole damage is to set up a mole trapping program.

Many people first attempt to solve the problem themselves when they buy cheap products from stores that say they will solve the mole problems. We have found over many years of mole control work that poison or repellent are not effective at all. The best method is to have a professional mole trapping company solve your problem.

Oregon Mole Trapping

When we setup a mole trapping job we first look for the main active areas. But the mistake that many people do not know is you need to find the main tunnels or you might be setting on a tunnel the moles will never use. We are able to locate these tunnels and quickly solve your problem before the damage can increase too much.


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Dead Raccoon Pick Up

When you have a dead raccoon in your yard or on your property it can be a health risk to people or pets that come in contact with it. We are able to provide dead raccoon pick up services throughout Oregon. There are many reason’s for the raccoon to die, but it can be very hard to tell in most cases. After we remove the animal we also provide sanitation and deodorization services.

Dead Raccoon Disposal

Since many dead animals carry dangerous diseases and other health risks to people and other animals it is important to properly solve the problem. We provide Oregon dead raccoon disposal to remove the risk of spreading diseases or other related problems. We are a professional Oregon wildlife control company that uses proper safety equipment to remove, sanitize, and dispose of dead animals.


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Dead Animal Removal Portland

Dead Raccoon Removal


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Dead Deer Removal Oregon

Who Removes Dead Deer in Oregon?

Oregon Wildlife Control provides dead deer removal. When you have a dead deer on your property it can create multiple risks for people. First any dead animal can and usually contains diseases and/or dangerous germs so we never recommend handling dead animals. The second risk is that it can attract other animals onto your property such as coyotes, bobcats, or cougars.

Oregon Dead Deer Disposal

Depending on your location there are different regulations for disposal after dead deer removal in Oregon. It is important to make sure you follow all regulations to avoid possibly spreading disease or getting into trouble.  Let our professional Oregon wildlife control operators solve your problem.

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Dead Animal Odor Portland

Dead Animal Odor Portland


Many times when an animal is going to die, they will find a shelter under a house or crawlspace. We are professional wildlife control operators that can handle your dead animal odor problem in Portland, Oregon.

How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Odor

When it comes to removing dead animal odor Oregon Wildlife Control is the best in the business and can handle any problem no matter how bad. We are able to get remove the dead animal under your house as well as get rid of dead animal odor in your Portland house. After removing and deodorizing Oregon Wildlife Control professional’s can help find the way that the animal had entered under your house and prevent future dead animal problems.

Dead Animal Odor Removal  503-201-2432


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Washington County Beaver Control

Washington County Beaver Control


Washington County has many streams and creeks that run through all the cities and towns. Because of all the water sources the beaver have access to many different areas. We provide Washington County beaver removal services for residential and commercial problems. The most effective way to remove beaver from a certain area is to trap and remove them and we have different methods in doing so. If you notice beaver damage on your property it most likely will increase quickly if the problem is not solved. Beaver’s will build dams and back up water which can cause all kinds of problems to property.

If you are having flooding from a beaver dam, removing it is only a temporary solution because the beaver will build it back up usually very quickly. We are able to remove the beaver and them remove the beaver dam to help solve your flooding problems.  If you have beaver damage in Washington County contact us and we can solve your problem quickly.

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