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Oregon Coyote Removal


Coyote’s in Oregon can be found in the middle of the woods and in the middle of a city. They are experts at surviving in any location and the population in Oregon is very high because they do not have any real predators to worry about. The main coyote calls that we receive are from people who have had livestock or pets killed by coyotes. There are different methods to help prevent these encounters from happening, but in some cases the safest solution is removing them. We have received multiple calls from people who had their dog on a lease out on a walk when coyotes would attack the dogs. If you have coyotes on your property and are worried about them contact us and we can talk about what you can do.

Portland Coyote Control

Oregon Coyote Removal

Two Coyotes Removed From Portland

When you are dealing with a coyote problem in Portland or any city it can be more difficult than in rural areas. Depending on the location we have different methods in removing the coyotes from an area. In a lot of cases we can recommend different ways to avoid or prevent coyote problems which can be a good solution as well. Keeping pets on a lease and small animals in properly enclosed areas can help prevent coyote conflicts.


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