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The first sign that you might have a dead animal problem is the horrible smell. This is the most important part in finding the animal and removing it. Oregon dead animal removal usually involves going underneath a house in the crawlspace. Once the animal carcass has been removed the problem is usually not over. The horrible smell can stay around for a long time even after the animal is gone, but we are able to provide deodorization services. When handling dead animal removal problems it is important to make sure you have the proper safety equipment because they can carry many different diseases. Even with the carcass removed bacteria and liquid can remain. We provide sanitation services that will clean up the nastiness as well as knocking out any remaining odor. This is a process that is best left to the professionals and we are ready to help remove or pick up any dead animal on your property.

Oregon Dead Animal Pick Up

In some cases an animal will die in your yard or outside your house. When there is a dead animal in your yard you need to make sure you keep all pets and children away until it is properly removed and disposed of. We usually able to do same day dead animal pick ups in Oregon. When the animal is in an area that people or pets have access too we are also able to sanitize the area the animal was located. In some cases that the animal has been there for a long time, we also can deodorize to remove any remaining smell.

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Oregon Dead Animal Under House

The number one call we get is for a dead animal under the house in Oregon. This is a very common are for animals to live and in some cases they will die underneath the house. When this happens it can create a horrible odor which can spread inside the house. When you have a bad smell in your house and think you have an animal carcass in the crawlspace contact us and we can remove it. Depending on the size and access to the crawlspace it can be very difficult. We have specialized safety equipment that we use depending on the severity of the problem. To help the process go quicker it is always a good idea to try and locate the area with the strongest odor. This is usually pretty easy when you are dealing with a rotten animal carcass in your crawlspace.

Oregon Dead Animal Deodorization 

After an animal dies it will start to decompose which creates a stinky bacteria filled mess. This odor can spread to anything that is close to the animal and when that is under a house it can get in the insulation and wood. The smell will be even worse if there is not good ventilation in the area. We are able to provide dead animal deodorization services to remove the smell of dead animals under or inside a house.

Oregon Dead Animal Sanitation

When you have a dead animal under your house or inside your house it is important to make sure you take proper safety precautions. This includes making sure the area is sanitized which will kill of any of the left over bacteria or germs after the dead animal is removed. This can also help with the deodorizing process in some cases.

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