Gopher Removal

Oregon Gopher Removal


Gopher damage can commonly be found in large grass fields, usually ones that have been taken very good care of which makes the damage even worse. We are able to provide services for Oregon gopher removal throughout the state to help quickly stop the damage to your property. There are many different products and methods for gopher control on the market, but we have found that gopher trapping in Oregon is the most effective by far.

Oregon Gopher Damage

Gopher Removal Oregon

Oregon Gopher Damage

Gopher damage and mole damage is often times confused with each other, but if you know what you are looking for you can tell the difference. Gopher’s will often leave an open hole on your property and have the dirt piled up towards one side of the hole. If you have an open hole with dirt on your property it most likely means you have found the active gopher location.

When you notice that you have gopher’s in your yard it is highly recommend to get the problems solved before it continues to spread. This is even more important during winter and early spring in Oregon because that is before they will have babies. If you wait to remove the gopher’s after that you are most likely going to have a much larger problem.

Oregon Gopher Control Methods

Oregon Gopher Trapping:

As we stated above we have found that gopher trapping in Oregon is the best and most effective method of gopher control. We have different types of traps depending on the type of damage or the location of the gopher damage.

Oregon Gopher Repellent:

We have not found gopher repellent to be effective at all for our work in Oregon. The only result that we have found is that the gopher’s will move a very short distance away and then return in a few days. We do not see this as an effective solution.

Oregon Gopher Poison:

You can find many different gopher poison products in major stores that say they will solve your problem. Not only have we found that these are not an effective Oregon gopher control method, but we do not like the potential risk that some poison can present to non target animals.

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