Hillsboro Skunk Trapping

We have been providing Oregon Skunk Removal services for many years and can help solve your skunk control problem. It is important to remember that skunks present a risk for humans, pets, and other animals when living in the same location. They are well known for spraying when they are threaten or startled. But they are also a vector animal that can carry rabies along with other disease that can be transferred to other animals.

Skunk Removal in Hillsboro, Oregon

If you need Hillsboro skunk removal services contact us today. The sooner you remove the nuisance skunk’s the less likely you are of having other problems arise. We have different options for dealing with skunks on your property, but the most effective way is to usually live trap and remove. This can be very difficult if you try and do it yourself. We get many calls from people who trap a skunk, but then have no idea what to do. This is not a responsible way to solve a problem and can result in the animal being in the trap longer than necessary.

For help with a Skunk removal problem in Hillsboro, Or contact us at 503-201-2432.

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