Lake Oswego Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel trapping is an effective method for dealing with these fury critters when they are getting in your attic. Although we have different methods for controlling squirrels, live trapping can solve almost any problem. It is important to use the proper types of traps and bait to make sure you target the right animals. Lake Oswego squirrel trapping is best done with a small cage trap, either a single door or double door.

Squirrel Trapping in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Squirrels on Roof

Two Squirrels Trapped on a Roof

In many cases we are trapping squirrel’s in the attic or on the roof. These are the main entry points that squirrel’s use to get inside an attic. If you do not have an open gap on your roof, they can sometimes chew their way in to the attic. If you notice squirrel’s on your roof there is a good chance they are already inside the house. When we set traps on a roof we make sure to secure them because squirrel’s can be move the cages once captured. This also protects the shingles from getting torn apart or scratched. After trapping and removing the squirrel’s we are able to seal up the entry points.

This is an important step that some people forget and you can count on more squirrel’s or other critter’s moving in. We cover hole’s with strong hard wire cloth that can keep out all wildlife. It is important to keep squirrels out of the attic because they need to chew on things to wear down their teeth. Although rare they can chew on wiring which is a very big fire hazard. Many houses have been burnt down from squirrels or other rodents chewing on wiring.  We can do an inspection of the attic for chewing and also for any other damage that might have been done.

 Lake Oswego Squirrel Removal

Example of a Lake Oswego squirrel removal job we solved:

A lady called and told us that she had been hearing scratching noises from here attic as well as seeing squirrel’s on the roof. When we showed up to the house it was a very big house, but had a roof that was fairly level. This makes it easier for us to access the roof and gives us options for trapping or other methods. After talking to her more we learned that the main noise was right above the master bedroom. The noises had been keeping her up all night and she had not slept in a few nights. We knew we had to remove the squirrels quickly to help this very nice lady. We went onto the roof and located two main entry points that went directly into the attic. After placing two traps and securing them to a board on the roof, we baited them with some irresistible squirrel bait. We completed the setup around 9:30 am and asked her to check the trap throughout the day and in the morning. About 3 hours lately as we were setting up another job trapping squirrels in Lake Oswego we got a call. It was from the lady that we had just the traps at that morning. She was very excited and said that we had caught the squirrel! But we knew that because of the time of year there was most likely two squirrels living in her attic. We told her to keep an eye out for the other one because it would be around soon. We finished setting up our other LO squirrel job and heading back to the nice ladies house around 1:30 pm. By the time we got there both squirrels were waiting for us in the trap. We removed the caged animal’s and setup a temporary seal on the entry points to make sure no other critters were trapped inside. Later that week we can back out and completed the job by sealing up the entire house.  Needless to say the lady was very happy and we were excited to help another customer get back to their normal life.

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