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We have been providing mole control services throughout Oregon for many years and it has become one of our main services. Mole damage can be very frustrating and stressful to try and control on your own if you do not have experience. We are able to quickly solve your Oregon mole control problem and stop the damage before it spreads around your property. We believe the best method for removing moles from a yard is to trap and physically remove them. The other products that you can find in almost any store say they can solve mole problems, but we have trapped moles in many customers yards after they tried those products.

Oregon Mole Damage

Oregon Mole Trapping

Oregon Mole Damage

The main type of mole damage in Oregon is dirt mounds showing up all over your yard or garden. If you do not have the moles removed from your yard the damage can continue to increase and destroy a yard. In some cases you will see mole tunnels right under the surface of the ground. These are usually noticed because the grass will die above the tunnels.

Oregon Mole Control Methods:

Oregon Mole Trapping:

We have found that Oregon mole trapping is the best method for stopping mole damage in your lawn or garden. We have also found that customer feel more comfortable knowing that we are trapping and physically removing the moles.

Oregon Mole Repellent:

Throughout the many years that we have been provide Oregon mole controlĀ we have trapped many moles out of yards that repellent had been used. We do not recommend using these products because they are usually a waste of time and money.

Oregon Mole Poison:

Many Oregon pest control companies will offer mole poison, but not only have we found this to not be effective, it also can create potential risk to non target animals. It is important to make sure you know what is in the poison and if it can harm other animals as well.

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Mole trapping in Oregon

Oregon Mole Trapping

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