Mole Damage in Yard

How to Stop Mole Damage in Yard

When the weather heats up and the sun comes out so does the mole damage in yards. This damage can increase greatly if you so not have the problem solved quickly. We have been stopping mole damage in Oregon for many years. The most effective way to quickly stop the mole damage is to set up a mole trapping program.

Many people first attempt to solve the problem themselves when they buy cheap products from stores that say they will solve the mole problems. We have found over many years of mole control work that poison or repellent are not effective at all. The best method is to have a professional mole trapping company solve your problem.

Oregon Mole Trapping

When we setup a mole trapping job we first look for the main active areas. But the mistake that many people do not know is you need to find the main tunnels or you might be setting on a tunnel the moles will never use. We are able to locate these tunnels and quickly solve your problem before the damage can increase too much.


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