Wildlife Removal Photo Gallery

These are just a few photos from the many wildlife removal jobs we have done in Oregon. Being a professional wildlife control business we have handle many different types of animal problems. Each job requires knowledge of the animals behavior and biology. For example you can see in some of the pictures that during the spring raccoon’s can have babies. This is often the case when you have a raccoon under your house or in your attic. During this time of the year the mother raccoon can be very protective and should never be approached. If you notice you have baby raccoon’s you should contact a professional to properly remove them. You can also see pictures of large beaver dams along with damaged trees. This is a very common problem faced by property owner’s in Oregon because our beaver have very few predators that can kill them. This results in a very large population of beaver and since a beavers teeth never stop growing, they never stop chewing. Also they are known as natures engineers because they can construct amazing dams. These things are truly amazing, but can result in serious flooding and land saturation problems. We have been handling beaver damage control problems for over 35 years and are the best in Oregon.