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Raccoon’s are one the most common pest animals that invade houses every year in Oregon. Once inside a home the raccoon’s cause cause a lot of damage as well as a mess of poop and other debris. The two areas that raccoon’s are most frequently found is under the house or in the attic.  When removing raccoon’s from a house we have different methods depending on the time of year because it can be more difficult when babies are involved. During the spring and summer  months raccoon’s could have babies and this can create a risk to the homeowner because the mother can be very protective. It is never a good idea to approach a raccoon or any other wild animal.

Oregon Raccoon’s Under the House

Raccoon removal under house

Raccoon Under a House

When you have raccoon’s under your house the most common area that they will be entering is an open foundation vent. If you notice you have a foundation vent open we DO NOT recommend you seal it unless you are 100% sure there are no animals left inside. This can result in two very bad scenarios we doubt you would want to have happen.

The first is that you might lock an animal under your house and they will end up dying which creates a whole different problem along with not being a responsible thing to do. The second is the raccoon could do a lot more damage trying to get back inside the house, especially if its a mother raccoon trying to get to her babies. If you think you have raccoon’s or any animal underneath your house we are able to make sure everything is removed before properly sealing the openings.

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Oregon Raccoon’s in the Attic

Another common area to have raccoon’s is in your attic. Because they are such good climbers they can easily get onto your roof. If your  house is not properly sealed they can find a way to get into your attic and create a real mess inside. Removing raccoon’s from attics can be very difficult depending on the roof and access point that the raccoon’s are using. We  have different methods to handle Oregon raccoon attic removal but this again depends on the time of year to make sure we do not leave babies behind.

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Oregon Raccoon Damage

When you have a raccoon living under your house or in your attic there is a good possibility of damage if they are not removed soon. The main types of damage that they will do is destroying insulation in the attic and in the crawlspace. When raccoon’s are in the attic they poop on, pee on, and tear apart the insulation to make a place to have babies. If you have raccoon’s under your house they will get up in the insulation directly below your floor. This creates a large space which severely hurts the insulation’s effectiveness.

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