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Oregon Skunk Control

The first sign that you might have a skunk problem is usually the strong smell that they are know for. The most common places that a skunk will move into is under a house or deck. Skunk’s are extremely good diggers and create burrows to live in. If they decided to move into your property it can create a risk of a person or more likely a pet getting sprayed which is a big mess. A sign that skunk’s are in your yard or garden is little v shaped holes that they dig when they are looking for grubs.

If you have skunk problems in the past the smell can stay around for a long time and attract other skunks into your property. We recommend making sure your house, deck, and/or sheds are properly sealed to prevent any future problems. We provide exclusion services that can properly sealing them so skunk’s and other animals can not return underneath.

Oregon Skunk Removal Under a Deck

When you have skunk’s living under your deck we are able to remove them and seal the deck so they are not able to get back in. When removing skunk’s it can require skill to make sure you do not get sprayed when handling the cage. The main sign that you have skunk’s going under a deck is dud up dirt, but that is if your deck is not totally open. If you do have an open deck we are able to remove the skunks, but recommend sealing is up because it is a very attractive place for all types of wildlife to move into.

Oregon Skunk Removal

Pair of Oregon Skunks

Oregon Skunk Removal Under a House

Skunk’s will commonly dig under houses because it is a very safe place for them to have babies and live. The problem with that is when something scares the skunks and they spray it can stink up the entire house. We have hand customer move to a hotel because it was so bad, but we were able to remove the skunk’s under the house so they could move back in.  If you have skunk’s under your house in Oregon give us a call and we can remove them before they create a big stink.

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Oregon Skunk Odor Removal

If you do have a skunk spray under your house or on your property we are able to provide deodorizing services to get rid of the skunk odor. Even when they spray outside your house the smell can carry inside and make is very difficult to handle. The deodorizing solution we use to remove skunk odor is a food grade product which means we can use it inside a home. We us a professional fogging machine to spray the solution which helps get rid of the odor from everywhere.

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