Squirrel Removal

Oregon Squirrel Removal


When you have squirrels in your attic you will hear scratching and noises throughout the day and night. Squirrel’s are very good climber’s as most people know which allow them to get on your roof and find ways into your attic. Once inside they can cause a lot of damage because they constantly chew on thing, which creates a danger with wiring and other object in the attic. What makes Oregon squirrel removal¬†especially difficult is there small size and ability to chew into places. The first step to solving a squirrel problem is locating the entry hole they are using to get into your house. Depending on the roof this can be a very difficult and dangerous process to do.

Oregon Squirrel Removal

Two Squirrel’s Trapped on the Roof

Oregon Squirrel Removal in Attic

Oregon Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Damage on Roof

To remove squirrels from an attic in Oregon there are different method’s that we can use, but it depends on the type of problem you have. We are able to live trap and remove squirrels in many cases, but in others it requires different methods. If you have squirrels getting into your attic contact us and we can discuss you options for getting this problem solved. In some cases the noise that you hear in the attic could be a different pest animal. The only way for use to find out what kind of problem you have is to do an inspection of your house. ¬†Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule and inspection.

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Oregon Squirrel Damage

When you have squirrels in your attic they can create a large mess if they are not removed quickly. Squirrel’s like all rodents, like to chew on things and in the attic this can create potential hazard with wiring and other material. Squirrels can also damage a house when creating entry points as soon in the picture to the left .This kind of damage is common when squirrels have been active in a house for a while.

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