Vole Control

Oregon Vole Control


When people first notice vole damage on their property they usually have no idea that it is voles. Vole’s are very small and look like a mouse, but they will create small open holes all over your yard. We provide Oregon vole control services and can stop the damage quickly. We have found that trapping vole’s is a very effective method of control, but it is important to take care of the problem as soon as you notice the damage. This is due to the fact that vole’s will spread around your yard very fast and damage will also increase quickly. Vole’s will often move into your yard through old mole and gopher tunnels which act like highways for them to move around your yard.

Oregon Vole Trapping

The best method of vole control in Oregon is trapping which requires totally different equipment and methods that mole or gopher control. We are able to trap voles in your yard and help stop the damage. Once you have a vole problem it is likely that you have had a previous problem with moles and gopher, so in some cases the best solution is a maintenance plan. If you have a vole problem contact us and we can talk about your best solution.

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