Washington County Beaver Control

Washington County Beaver Control


Washington County has many streams and creeks that run through all the cities and towns. Because of all the water sources the beaver have access to many different areas. We provide Washington County beaver removal services for residential and commercial problems. The most effective way to remove beaver from a certain area is to trap and remove them and we have different methods in doing so. If you notice beaver damage on your property it most likely will increase quickly if the problem is not solved. Beaver’s will build dams and back up water which can cause all kinds of problems to property.

If you are having flooding from a beaver dam, removing it is only a temporary solution because the beaver will build it back up usually very quickly. We are able to remove the beaver and them remove the beaver dam to help solve your flooding problems.  If you have beaver damage in Washington County contact us and we can solve your problem quickly.

For Washington County Beaver Removal Call 503-201-2432!

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